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Automatic  Polarimeter
Automatic Polarimeter
FT-1920 Digital Fridge Thermometer
FT-1920 Digital Fridge Thermometer
Max & Min Thermometer
Max & Min Thermometer
MXP-DMS Digital Magnetic Stirrer With Hotplate
MXP-DMS Digital Magnetic Stirrer With Hotplate

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MxRady is looking for distributors for their Laboratory Instruments and Accessories-WORLDWIDE.


The Company

• Founded in 1978, and Focus on extraordinary massive products . 

• India's top Scientific Equipments Company.

• Looking for World Wide distributors right now
• Manufacturing and Manufacturer’s Representative.


The Products

• High quality Laboratory Accessories, Instruments and Equipment's Spares. 

• Excellent price performance ratio.

• No Installation, Required.


• Manufacturing, Exporting, Marketing. 

Visit our Product Categories to view our Product Range.

The Applications

• All Laboratories.

• All Research Institutes. 

• All Universities .


We have a well equipped with qualified and experiences staff to render prompt and efficient after sales service in order to keep the downtime to bare minimum and also to maintain the equipment in good working condition.

We have a well equipped staff with experience & qualification to render prompt and efficient service.

Please contact us to discuss this matter, and to make an acquaintance with us.




MxRady Lab Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Nitesh Goyal
MD/International Operation

Priya Goyal
Director/Business Development Head

Disarticulated Skeleton Disarticulated Skeleton
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Hydride Generator Type C (single pump)
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