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MXRADY TPH-11 pH/Conductivity Meter
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MXRADY TPH-11 pH/Conductivity Meter

Part Number TPH-11
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1. 5-inch LCD screen with 150 viewing angle for clear reading out of 5-meter.

2. Built-in microprocessor chip has Intelligent functions such as automatic calibration, 

ATC, data storage, date & time display, USB output, function settings, automatic power-off and low voltage alarm, etc.

3. Two USB interfaces for PC connection, battery charging, and data transfer.

4. 3.5mm electrode interface makes it very easy for electrode connection.

5. Fashionable design with perfect combination of capacitive touch key and display screen, 

wall-mounted design to save space.

6. Automatic recognition of different electrodes. The electrode with built-in chip can 

automatically stores and retrieve calibration data after connecting with meter.

7. Automatic recognition of 15 buffers with three kinds of options: European & USA, 

NIST and China. Support 1, 2, 3 point calibration.

8. Can store 200 sets of data including readings, GLP data, date and time.

9. Rechargable battery can last for 30 hours. Auto power off when no operation in 10 minutes.



Technical parameters

ph Measuring range -2-19.999PH
  Resolution  0.1/0.01pH
  Accuracy + 0.02pH
  Input current <2x10-12A
  Input impendance >1x1012O
  Stability + 0.002pH/3h
  Temp. Compensation Range 0-100 C, Auto/ Manual
mv Measuring range -1999.9mV 0~1999.9mV
  Resolution  0.1mV
  Accuracy + 0.3%FS
Conductivity Measuring range Conductivity:(0.00~20.00)S/cm;(20.0~200.00)S/cm;(200.0~2000.00)S/cm;(2.00~20.00)S/cm;(20.0~200.00)S/cm
    TDS: (0~100)g/L
    Salinity: (0~100)ppt
  Resolution  0.01/0.1/1s/cm;0.01/0.1mS/cm
  Accuracy Meter: + 50%FS; Electrode : + 1.0% FS
  Temp. Compensation Range 0~50 C, Auto
  Electrode Constant 0.1/1/10 cm-1
Temprature Measuring range -10~110 C
  Resolution  0.1 C
  Accuracy 5 to 60 C, Rnage : + 0.4 C ; Other Range: + 0.8 C
Calibration    1.2.3 point
Other technical Parameter Display 5-Inch White Backlit LCD Screen/ Touch screen  
  Data Storage 200Sets
  Power DC/5V/1A
  Communication connector Micro USB & Standard USB 
  Dimension/N.W. 180 x 130 x 14mm/280g 
Working Condition  Enviroment Temp. 5-35 C
  Enviromental <85%
  IP- Grade IP 54
Water Kits  1.Ph & conductivity meter  
  2.Electrode holder composite ELECTRODE   
  4.Conductivity electrode (K=1)  
  5.Temprature probe  
  6.pH Buffer Solution   
  Power Adapter  
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